Easylii App


App Feature Highlights

Coming 2023

Discover daily events with your Family and Friends

Personalize lessons, activities, or things you could do together whenever and wherever. You may be amazed at how talented your friends could be.

Browsing fun projects to work with your kids, joining an event with others, or simply being happy to teach your friends what you knew, all these are possible to be accomplished in one place and done safely.

Focus on learning, leave the planning to the Magic

Bring in hundreds of skills development subjects to your life, don’t worry about if they could fit into your busy schedule. Our AI helps you be well organized. 

Our app helps you keep track of your family‘s schedule. It allows you to add events, set reminders, and view the calendar in a variety of ways. This can be helpful for coordinating appointments, activities, and other events.

Create Your Own Lesson Plans

We include options for educators and parents to create learning content, find personalized lessons they can teach to their children, book classes or events provided by talented friends or trusted tutors, seamlessly synchronize all participants’ time together, and improve children’s skills development. The platform also provides an AI-assisted lesson content tool to help parents, tutors, and teachers more easily create their lesson plans. 

Realtime Feedbacks and Reviews

Get realtime feedback from students to realize interactive learning experience can help educators to create a more interactive and engaging learning environment. This can be done by providing educators with feedback about how well students are understanding the material, what questions they have, and what areas they may need more clarification on. Additionally, this app can also help educators to monitor student engagement and participation in class, as well as identify any areas where students may be struggling. Ultimately, our app can help to create a more personalized and effective learning experience for all students.


Make a minimum effort and achieve maximum efficiency in arranging all your activities.

Set up Goals for Skills Development

You may want to consider the tasks or jobs that you would best suit or be happy with.

More Protection

Maximum private data protection, including your intellectual property and your loved ones.

Performance and assessment

Our personalities are complicated, multi-dimensional beasts. Ingenious quizzes could lead our pathways.

Coordinating activities

Whether it is your family activity or a group of hundreds, seamlessly update or synchronize every change with all participants like nothing ever before.

Deep Finding of Personal Traits

You may want to consider the tasks or jobs that you would best suit or be happy with.