Francophone Forum

Shanghai Summit

France, Canada and China

Promoting French Worldwide, Annual Shanghai Summit

Program Highlights

A yearly event that aims to promote cultural exchange and understanding between the Frenchspeaking world and China. The forum is organized by the French Consulate in Shanghai and brings together a diverse range of participants, including students, academics, businesspeople, and government officials. The event provides a platform for open dialogue and exchange on a range of topics, including politics, economy, education, and culture. The Francophone Forum Shanghai is an important event for promoting mutual understanding and cooperation between France, Quebec Canada and China.

Project French Ambassador

There are many benefits to having a multicultural event on campus, especially for students who are learning French. Such events can help students learn about different cultures and how to communicate with people from those cultures. Additionally, these events can help students practice their French language skills in a real-world setting. Finally, multicultural events can help create a more diverse and inclusive campus community.