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Brightlanguage test online is an online testing service that provides students with an opportunity to assess their language skills in a quick and convenient way. The test is taken on a computer or laptop, and results are available immediately. This makes it an ideal tool for students who want to check their proficiency level before taking an exam, or for those who need to improve their language skills for work or study.

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Study Permit, with GIC, Direct Stream, CAQ, Short Term (less than 6 months)


Canadian and US Business, Travel Visa

Family & Friends

Visiting family member and friends. Super Visa, APEC, & Nexus

Temporary Resident

International Students, Worker Returning to Canada, Travel Document for Permanent Resident

Work Permit

Labour Market Impact Assessment, Open Work Permit, Spouse, Bridging, Co-op or Internship, Post-graduation Work Permit,

Visitor Record

Leaving and returning to Canada, extend your stay in Canada.