UBC Mining

Mine Reclamation Certificate

Global Mine Waste Management

UBC Mining and BC Mine Supervisor Certification

Program Highlights

This is a fourmonth UBC certificate and practice project tailor to medium to large mining corporation. It includes a certificate of environmental protection in mining reclamation, a certificate of supervision of the energy and mining sector, and company visits and other activities. This program is suitable for engineers and managers who are already working in mining companies. They will conduct research projects together with the professor.

Program Mission

UBC has implemented a Mine Waste Management Plan that outlines the University‘s approach to the management of mine waste. The plan includes the following elements: 

  • Establishing a Mine Waste Management Committee to provide oversight and guidance on mine waste management issues. 
  • Conducting a mine waste characterization study to identify the type and volume of waste generated by UBC‘s mines. 
  • Implementing a waste minimization plan to reduce the amount of waste generated.
  • Developing a mine waste disposal plan to identify the most appropriate disposal option for each type of waste.
  • Monitoring and auditing the mine waste management program to ensure compliance with government regulations.

Leadership Development

This is a comprehensive and structured approach to help our employees reach their leadership potential. The program is designed to develop the skills and knowledge needed to be an effective leader. The program includes classroom training, onthejob training, and mentorship from experienced leaders.

BC Mine Supervisor Certification

After completing this online program and passing an exam, candidates receive a certificate that is valid for five years. The Mine Supervisor Certificate is a voluntary credential, but many employers prefer to hire candidates who have earned the credential.

The Mine Waste and Tailings Conference

The conference provides a forum for the latest technological advances and research in the management and reclamation of mine waste and tailings. The conference focuses on the challenges and opportunities associated with the management of mine waste and tailings, and provides a platform for sharing knowledge and best practices. The conference will be of interest to a wide range of stakeholders, including government agencies, mining companies, academia, and the environmental and engineering consulting community.

Field Trip